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"What’re we doing about the next university league’s race, Kinjou? We can go. The Akisawa Lake road race… Fuku-chan and Shinkai’ll go, too! It’s the Meisou University. Their bike club’s strong!"

Yet another reason I think Yowamushi Pedal differs from other sports mangas I’ve read: not only does the mangaka introduce new characters as the story progresses (competitions are held, annual tournaments are over, the academic year finishes and the teams need to be restructured for the next), but also tells us about the senior cast that has already left the main plotline. Or graduated from it into university, in any case: by vol.32 we’re beginning to learn how our cyclist freshmen are doing in college.

Soon after meeting again in their new cycling club, Arakita refers to both Kinjou and himself as a “super jagged duo”. They might be, but seeing how Fukutomi paired up with Arakita in Hakogaku (as ace cyclist and his assistant, that’s it), it doesn’t seem like they’ll have any problem working -or rather, cycling- together. And also, in the matter of trivial but fun little details, at the beginning of this scene Arakita gives Kinjou his email address, which we then find out has to do with “AKICHAN”… the name of the Arakita family’s dog. It looks as Arakita likes dogs and cats then, even if cats don’t seem to particularly like him in turn.

(I apologize if I got any of the translation or the proper names wrong. My Japanese, as you might have figure out by now, just happens to be that good /sarcasm)

I liked everything in Free! Eternal Summer #2 but this part with Sosuke (I love his intense face…well the rest is not bad either haha) and Ai-chan (cutie!!!) is one of my favorites ♥♥

So I remembered that I once made a post about characters with beauty marks in manga, and suddenly I wanted to make a similar one about characters of anime series that I’ve been watching lately.

  • Himuro Tatsuya (Kuroko no Basuke)
  • Makishima Yuusuke (Yowamushi Pedal)
  • Kujou Hajime (Isshukan Friends)
  • Juumonji Kaho (Hyouka)
  • Shimizu Kiyoko (Haikyuu!!)
  • Midorikawa Yuhata (Sidonia no Kishi)
  • Ishihara Sumi (Samurai Flamenco)
  • Sugarawa Koushi (Haikyuu!!)
  • Nitori Aiichirou (Free!)
  • Art (Hamatora)

PS: I barely see any post in my dashboard about Isshukan Friends or Sidonia no Kishi but I really loved both series and I think they are great in their own different way. I might talk about them some other day ^^

ペダルログ2とお知らせ by スーパードライ
※Permission to upload was granted by artist. Please do not remove the source※re-uploading/editing without permission is prohibited
ペダルログ2とお知らせ by スーパードライ
※Permission to upload was granted by artist. 
Please do not remove the source
re-uploading/editing without permission is prohibited


Happy Birthday gaviotaperdida!


Awww thanks so much!!! :D *abrazos de oso grande y cariñoso, quizás un panda? :D* ♥♥♥


Happy birthday, my dearest Gaviotaperdida! <3 <3 <3 May the beautiful boys of Shouwaru blah blah blah brighten your day even just a little bit more ^.^

The post is precious but YOU are even more precious! Thanks so much!!! *cries because I’m touched by your sweetness!* ♥♥♥


The Nines #12: The Guy Formerly Known as Straight Pt.1

There is a special place in my BL heart for stories that feature a straight man who ends up pursuing a gay man. It’s a crisis for some guys, while others just go with the flow. The titles I’ve collected here (and in Pt.2) exhibit a variety of seme/uke dynamics, but one thing most of them have in common is the part where the uke takes a step back from the relationship because “it will never work with a straight guy.” This saddens me to no end, but I love reading it. Some instances have even brought tears to my eyes. Most of these kinds of stories fall under the “gay for you” category. However, if I recall correctly, words to that effect are absent from most, if not all of these.

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Surprisingly I read all of them and I enjoyed all of them too ^^

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onoda (yamashita daiki) and tadokoro (ito kentaro) singing the hime hime OP in episode 33 of pedal( ´ω`)


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Given by Kizuna Tsuki

Given by Kizuna Tsuki