Around Buenos Aires #1

A few weeks ago, I could see two exhibitions in my city, Buenos Aires:

  • The first 4 panels correspond to the one dedicated to Kusama Yayoi, a Japanese artist (MALBA Museum). Even the trees on the street were painted for the occasion ^^ I enjoyed it a lot and I especially loved the artistic intervention shown in the last of these four panels, with water, mirrors and lights
  • The last 4 panels correspond to an exhibition dedicated to John Lennon in New York (Centro Cultural Recoleta), with photographs taken by Bob Gruen. I was really touched by this one, and I almost started weeping when I heard “Jealous Guy” because that song is so moving and beautiful!
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  2. tokkei12 said: Oh, I learned about Kusama Yayoi in my Japanese art history class :D It’s really crazy how much work she must’ve put into her obsessional art *nods*
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