Giant Killing by Tsunamoto Masaya and Tsujitomo

I began reading Giant Killing thanks to the recommendation of the lovely Chinpirako, from Blue Spring Scans. And I’m really enjoying this, much more than I expected! Even though I like football (or soccer as it’s known in other countries), I think what I truly love here are the characters.

I’m in love with Tatsumi (the coach of the ETU -East Tokyo United- team), who is an oddball (though a very smart oddball!). He makes me laugh and makes me think and he surprises me with his way of seeing/analyzing things. And is it weird that I find the apparently grumpy, huge Murakoshi cute? I’m at a slow pace because of time constraints but then I comfort myself saying that I have lots of volumes ahead waiting for me :D

Currently scanlated by S2Scans.

P.S.: not sure what’s going on with me, I spent years without knowing what a sports manga is and now I’m reading Kurobas, GK and I also Haikyuu! 

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  4. ylva-li said: I know what you mean! Kurobas was the start of it all… I love GK and Haiykuu! too (although I am behind on both..). I’m going to start reading Yowamushi Pedal I think :)
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